About Us

Marietta Roberts has been in the fitness industry since she was seventeen years old.  Her passion was ignited in the late eighties while attending aerobics classes with her mom. She has trained movie stars (one is currently a Hallmark Channel regular these days), musicians, sponsored athletes and Olympians. She worked for american cycling legend Greg LeMond as a master presenter for Lemond Fitness traveling around the world certifying indoor cycling instructors.  Currently she is a master presenter for Life Fitness ICG(Indoor Cycling Group).

She places an emphasis on exercise assessment, exercise prescription, and program design and enjoys working with clients that are recovering from injuries, looking to lose weight and those looking to achieve challenging life goals.  Her passion, energy and commitment to educating people about health and wellness are exemplary in the fitness industry and it is her life goal to educate the world about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

She resides in Steamboat Springs Colorado with her husband Matt and Dog Jackson.

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